Building Constants
Description Item Unit Tradesman Hours Labourer Hours
Timber staircase, comprising strings, treads, landing m/rise 8.00
supports and balustrades
Handrail, 150mm x 50mm fixed to steel, including ramps m 0.45
and wreaths
Description Item  Unit Tradesman Hours Labourer Hours
Cupboards, Shelving
Cupboards, fabricate and fix
Standard kitchen cupboard, 450mm wide x 900mm high m 6.00
Shelving, 225mm x 25mm, fixed to framing m 0.17
Task / Description Slow   Ave   Fast    Units
 Vertical Glazed Lights, 6m x 2.5m -   14.5  -    m2/day
 Vertical Glazed Walls, large scale -   70.0  -    m2/day
 Clerestory Frame/Glazing, 3m x 4m -   28.0  -    m2/day
 Oriel Window Frame/Glazing, 4m x 2m -   35.0  -    m2/day
 Glazed Curtain Wall, First Fix -   1.2  -    m2/hr
 Glazed Curtain Wall, Second Fix -   1.1  -    m2/hr
 High Quality Glazed Curtain Walling -   25.0  -    m2/day