Sheet Piling On reclamation, sand fill, sheet piling by crane and drop hammer, vibro hammer or diesel hammer.

  • A rate of 20 - 25 No/day to 20 to 35 m deep.
  • 1 no = 0.4 m wide on plan and 6 m long.
  • Therefore 8 - 10 m/day per rig is achievable.


On more difficult areas, such as through existing ground or a sea wall for example.

  • A rate of 10 - 12 No/day to 20 m deep.
  • Therefore 4 - 6 m/day per rig is achievable.

For more shallow sheet pile walls

  • Driven by - Pilemaster 60.0 m/day
  • Driven by - Automatic Drop Hammer 32.0 m/day

Steel for piles is usually readily available and a two week lead in is often all that is required.


Sheet Piling

Task / Description Slow   Ave   Fast    Units
 Vibro/Drop Hammer, 10m deep Sand -   55.0  60.0   m/day
 Vibro/Drop Hammer, 35m deep Sand 3.5  32.0  38   m/day

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