Multiple Bell Ground Anchors

Multiple Bell Ground Anchors Often used in London Clay.

  • Uncased, 10 m long 2.0 no/day
  • Top Cased type, 15 m long 1.0 no/day
  • Anchor Stressing 2.0 no/day

    Removable Ground Anchors

    Removable Ground Anchors Recent innovation of "removable" ground anchor system. Steel cables are doubles up and threaded over a roller at the anchor end. Once de-stressed, they can be pulled out. 1 rig can achieve...

    • Drill 30 m shaft 7.0 hrs
    • Install strands/setup anchor 6.0 hrs
    • Grout in strands 2.0 hrs
    • Stressing can be done 4 - 7 days after grouting.


      Usually at 3 m horizontal centres and can only be worked on with 5 - 6 m spacings. So a hit and miss method must be adopted, giving a significant programme constraint.

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