Description These labour constants refer to un-automated methads of construction Unit    Tradesman Hours Labourer Hours
Heavy sections, including connections—UB, UC, RSJ and RSC
Fabrication tonne 23.00
Erection tonne 7.00
Light sections—angles etc.
Fabrication tonne 40.00
Erection tonne 20.00
Hollow sections, including connections
Large sections, fabrication tonne 30.00
Large sections, erection tonne 10.00
Small sections, fabrication tonne 35.00
Small sections, erection tonne 15.00
Trusses, including connections
Up to 10m span, fabrication tonne 50.00
Up to 10m span, erection tonne 10.00
Over 10m span, fabrication tonne 35.00
Over 10m span, erection tonne 6.00
Proprietary purlins and girts
Up to 150mm high m 0.09
Over 150mm high m 0.12
Surface Treatment
Sand blast and paint
Light sections tonne 8.00
Heavy sections tonne 5.00

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