Penetrating Cone Fracture Rock Breakage.

Tradename of "SunBurst" from Australia.  State of the art, non-explosive chemical rock breakage technology for close proximity excavation applications in mining and civil engineering.

Explosive system, cycle time of 6 mins, giving 0.33 m3 each explosion.

A typical rate of 10 No cycles per hour, giving 3.3 m3/hr/rig.

However, tests have shown differing results...

Fresh granite of class 1 strength - One hole in the floor, yielding 0.15 m3 of rock.  If more holes had been injected, a yield of 0.5 - 1.0 m3 would be expected.

Moderately fresh igneous rock of class 2 strength - Three holes in a sloping trench, in adjacent locations, yielding 2.6 m3 of rock for each hole.

Moderately weathered volcanic rock of class 3 strength - Two holes in the floor, in separate locations, yielding 1.2 - 1.5 m3 of rock for each hole.

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