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Methvin is an online estimating and procurement portal

Designed and developed to be intuitive and user friendly.

Methvin is a project management and estimation tool designed for the construction industry. It will make your life considerably easier; estimating projects, publishing tenders and producing comparisons, and helping to find potential business opportunities.

Your online estimating application

Good software supports your workflow. Great software improves it.

In today’s competitive estimating environment, “Methvin Estimating Software” allows you to quickly and accurately generate quality cost estimates and winning bids.

This estimation advantage is made possible by allowing you to link worksheets to multiple tasks, set variables and to break tasks into sub schedules for fast accurate pricing. Making your workflow more efficient and improve your margin analysis.


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The most advanced tendering portal

Facilitating a faster procurement cycle!

Your potential contractors and subcontractors will find the submission process easier and faster, because they can access your documentation and send their responses via your portal.

Increased transparency! You’ll have complete oversight over what’s happening during each step of the tendering process.

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New Business Opportunities

Search our server with our innovative filters.

A finger on the pulse of your sector! Our daily email notifications will alert you to what’s going on in your sector; for instance, who’s calling for tenders, who’s likely to be seeking subcontractors, trends in procurement of your services, and so on. Great market intelligence.


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